Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Internet: A catalyst for creativity

Letchworth State Park (Castile, New York), Upper Falls, with railroad trestle (May 28, 2007)

(See part one--with photo on top--here.)

How odd.

I never had any inclination whatsoever to do any creative writing until I started posting on televised-science-fiction message boards, when I suddenly found find myself writing "fan fiction" short stories (very bad ones) and poetry.

The same thing has happened to me as a blogger. Not only have I found a forum in which to discuss my perspective on various aspects of Judaism, etc., but I've also written scads of poems, choreographed five dances (which I originally distributed via DVD), and, lately, started snapping photos for the express purpose of posting them on my blog. Using YouTube has also been a pleasure: Now, I don't have to worry about who might be interested in seeing my dances or videos--I just upload 'em, and whoever's interested in seeing them can see them.

Self-publishing is a wonderful thing. There's nothing quite like the thought that someone might actually see my work to encourage me to create something.

How odd.

The Internet opened doors that I didn't even realize had been closed.


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